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The Murders, Myths and Reality of 10 Rillington Place

PDF Format

The best format in which to view the book in its full glory. Most computers and tablets etc already have a PDF reader installed, the most common being Adobe Acrobat family of software and online services. Adobe Acrobat and Reader can be obtained via free download from adobe.com. There are also several alternative free PDF readers such as Foxit Reader from foxitsoftware.com.

It is also easy to search within a PDF document: CTRL- F (Command - F in the Mac OS) brings up a search box in Adobe Reader and in Foxit Reader there is a search box already visible.

The free iBooks application allows downloaded PDFs to be stored on Mac OS devices (iPad, iPod, iPhone) and may be obtained by following this link: iBooks.

EPUB - the general format for non-Kindle e-book readers such as the Sony Reader, Kobo eReader, Barnes and Noble Nook etc

MOBI - the format for reading on the Amazon Kindle

Kindles and other e-readers usually have their own proprietary software that allows books to be added to the library - otherwise, the excellent and free Calibre e-book library management programme will provide this function and can be downloaded from www.calibre-ebook.com. There are no DRM (Digital Rights Management) issues to be concerned with.

The EPUB and MOBI versions have reduced graphics content to reflect the current limitations of these devices.

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